Album Review: The Territories West

by Dom Eagle (PITCH PERFECT)

…The production on this track is sublime. The synths and songwriting blew me away. And the guitar-work, later on, is as hypnotic as always. Great track. Brilliant, in fact.

someplace/else from The Territories West

THE TERRITORIES WEST is one of the latest in a long line of releases from felix danilo. This prolific singer/songwriter is churning out lengthy records left, right, and center. That’s always a good sign to me. It tells me that a musician is bursting with creativity. And that’s abundantly clear on THE TERRITORIES WEST

“a time of change (intro)” is an ultra-dreamy opener that sets the tone for what proves to be a beautiful and soothing album. Spectacular guitar-work. That only improves on the second track, “nowhere left to run.” I adore the western style of the riff on this one. There’s a cool, blues vibe to the melody, but there’s still something ethereal and otherworldly about the sound, especially when the synths kick in during the second half of the song.

“bang bang (my baby shot me down)” is a fantastic cover, featuring spectacular vocals from a talented singer. The original song is iconic, and felix danilo. definitely does it justice here. No complications. Beautiful guitar guitar, synths, and reverberating vocals in an intimate setting. What a track. I don’t know whether it’s Nicole Obren or Kayla McGee* singing, but the singer definitely deserves high praise for this performance.

“heartlands” is driven by stunning, plinky guitar notes. The tone on the guitar is gorgeous on this one. Another dreamy, beautiful work of art. Again, I’m not sure whether it’s Obren or McGee* singing, but there’s such beauty in each tender note sung; these singers know how to perfectly match the dreamy aesthetics of these songs. In an unexpected twist, a sudden, muted, distant drum beat bursts into view. This added a little bit of variety to an album dominated mostly by guitars and synths (admittedly beautiful guitars and synths). I think the lead guitar melody in the last section of this track is mesmerizing, too.

“the territories” is a recording of what seems to be some sort of western town, and it leads into the fittingly-western “by his father’s grave.” The bluesy riff, pounding beat, and deep, powerful singing* merge to form a dark, groovy masterpiece. This tune is definitely one of my favorites on the record. “national park (14.04)” certainly deserves a shout-out for its alien synth warbles and dreamy, folky guitar passages and “shaman (interlude)” features a hauntingly spectacular synthetic noise. “southeast of ballard, utah” is certainly the most sinister-sounding track on the record, though. The guitar-work is truly note-worthy on this one; that has to be said.

“a memory, an escape” has a saddening essence. It’s wonderful and heart-breaking in one fell swoop. The guitar, as always, is absolutely superb. It was “someplace/else” that really impressed me, however. I thought I’d heard everything that felix danilo. had to offer, but the production on this track is sublime. The synths and songwriting blew me away. And the guitar-work, later on, is as hypnotic as always. Great track. Brilliant, in fact. “end credits” closes out the album on a somber note with a beautiful but melancholic chord progression. That being said, there is something epic about the swelling strings and layered guitar-work. It sounds like it could be the outro track to a western film. The whole album, actually, feels perfect for a western. Wonderful work.

  • bang bang (my baby shot me down) | vocals by Nicole Obren | lyrics by Sonny Bono
  • heartlands | lyrics and vocals by Kayla McGee
  • by his father’s grave | lyrics and vocals by Nicole Obren

NEW MUSIC: as the comet entered our atmosphere, we moved closer together

sitting calmly atop a hill, with birds singing their evening chorus.
you look over the vibrant city and rolling hills that stretch far
into the distance.
the sun is setting gently over the horizon
and you take it all in, as the comet enters.
leaving a trail of flame that scatters across the evening sky.
nothing matters but the last few moments.
you gaze, at a loss for words,
as it hurtles towards the earth.
such a perfect, beautiful moment.
the last one there will be.
this is it.

five ambient tracks

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Pre-save new album ‘The Territories West’

Release Date: SEPTEMBER 8th

A 12-track album evoking arid plains and sweeping ranges where wolves roam, where lonely cowboys ride under a stream of bright stars, where spells are cast over crackling campfires, and where nothing is quite as it seems.

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NEW MUSIC | By His Father’s Grave

🐎By His Father’s Grave’ | OUT NOW

A son meets the same fate as his father in the new single from upcoming wild west album ‘The Territories West’ (SEP 8th), with vocals by partner in crime, Nicole Obren.

Out across all streaming platforms. LISTEN ON SPOTIFY

NEW RELEASE: Heartlands and End Credits

Two singles from upcoming western-themed album ‘THE TERRITORIES WEST’ – a dark, psychedelic ballad and a spaghetti-western track – are now available on all major streaming platforms.

HEARTLANDS – dark and gentle psychedelic ballad, featuring haunting vocals and swirling layers of trippy guitar. Vocals by Kayla McGee.

END CREDITS – a traditional spaghetti western track which closes the album. It has galloping guitar, warm strings and a heroic theme to make you feel like the main character.


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Moonscapes II – soundtrack for wannabe astronauts

New Music Release

A second dose of moon-related ambient tracks. Dreamy and otherworldly, made for playing through headphones in your spaceship as you fly to the stars and back again…

Moonscapes I also available across all platforms

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Photo Credit: Mikhail Nilov (Los Angeles) Pexels

NEW RELEASE: alone (watching your life leave you behind as you knew it always would)

a special one-track sneak peek

Exclusive to Bandcamp for now – This is the final track of an upcoming album but it captures me right now perfectly, and I love it too much to wait …

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Felix Danilo | Composer | Guitarist | Musician from Wellington, Aotearoa (NZ)

submerged man | new rock music releases

Sneaking back into rock/metal, these three tracks are a collaboration with my drummer brother, Hector, who also created the cool artwork for ‘colussus/he who lives behind the moon’.

  • submerged man (out today)
  • we were not meant to know of it
  • colossus (from the ‘he who lives behind the moon’ release)

We created ‘Submerged Man’* a couple of years ago with Julian (Friday Night Special) and played it at Mangonui Festival and Far North Summer Sounds, back in the good old days when festivals were a thing. It feels good to have it finally recorded.


  • Drums: Hector Danilo
  • Guitar and Bass: Felix Danilo
  • Written by: Felix, Hector and Julian Brady

Cover Image by Emiliano Arano

Bow Your Head…and Transmit to the Sky


Brother and sister ambient EPs, available separately on Spotify or together on Bandcamp.

Felix Danilo’s inventive compositions are fabulous examples of how to use some fairly ‘out-there’ harmonic ideas to enhance the music and overall effectiveness of the songs.

Cover Image by Steve Johnson (Pexels)

Artist Photo with thanks to Flash Gordon Photography

New Music


NEW MUSIC from FELIX of SkeletonCrew

Head over and follow my new Spotify page for some new beats, including a remix of ‘LULLABY’ – an awesome song by JINX, ‘HILLS’ – a chilled genre-bending tune, and some collaborative works with TOY PURPLE.


“Felix Danilo is a young, independent musician from Wellington, New Zealand, who has been playing Electric Guitar since he could hold one, and recently achieved Licentiate Level with the London College of Music. He’s played and performed in live bands, from metal and rock to funk, and released music under the name ‘SkeletonCrew’. Felix plays a variety of instruments and composes in different musical genres, including house, electronic, ambient and atmospheric music, and indie rock. This channel is for his solo and collaborative work.”