THE COMET | 15 tracks for the end of the world

“sitting calmly atop a hill, with birds singing their evening chorus.
you look over the vibrant city and rolling hills that stretch far
into the distance.
the sun is setting gently over the horizon
and you take it all in, as the comet enters.
leaving a trail of flame that scatters across the evening sky.
nothing matters but the last few moments.
you gaze, at a loss for words,
as it hurtles towards the earth.
such a perfect, beautiful moment.
the last one there will be.
this is it.”

Three ambient albums, now on one atmospheric playlist.

“The Wellington, NZ based artist has created a piece of ambient bliss with the track. Mournful pads are met with an even more mournful guitar line that seems to hang in the air like the last rays of sun once it’s set behind a hill. Beautiful music for watching the earth in it’s final few seconds before destruction.”

Review of track ‘As the comet entered (and ignited the sky)’ | Tome to the Weather Machine


Photo by Luis Felipe Alburquerque Briganti | Pexels

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